Monday, April 23, 2012

First Day in Tampa

My day started off with pouring rain, 44 degree weather, and a flight delay, but ended with warm weather and a warm heart. This blog post will be short because most of my day was spent traveling, but I did get to have a lovely evening in the tabernacle of MFSA (Methodist Federation for Social Action) and RMN (Reconciling Ministries Network).

The tabernacle is truly a space where the Holy Spirit is at work and conference has not even begun! Sharing the ministries of "Love Your Neighbor" campaign, the tabernacle offers a space for fellowship, free food (breakfast and lunch), and wonderful witness (daily speakers). Tonight the space was filled with delegates from all over the world as MFSA and RMN hosted an International Hospitality Dinner Program. During this time I was able to reconnect with fellow delegates from my home conference, New England, as well as meet people from MFSA and RMN who are truly inspiring. My evening in the tabernacle concluded with a message from Bishop Yvette A. Flunder. She stressed the importance of not only having "open hearts, open minds, and open doors," but also having an open table of communion. Bishop Flunder also mentioned that communion did not have to be the traditional bread and cup, but could be chicken or even a salad (members from New England's delegation seemed partial to the chicken). Her point was that all should feel welcome and comfortable with the meal of communion and in the United Methodist Church it is a symbol of Christ's love and grace.

That's it for major news as the conference officially starts tomorrow. Please keep all of the delegates and the whole denomination in your prayers as we search for where God is calling the United Methodist Church.

If you'd like more updates follow me on twitter: @anniemac24. You can also follow the live feed by searching for #gc2012 and even get in on the conversation.

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